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Therapy for Executive Functions

Executive functions therapy is important for people struggling with executive skills issues. See how HappyNeuron Pro can help your patients today!


Executive functions refer to the set of cognitive skills that helps you get things done efficiently. These are normally related to reasoning, logic, and other advanced more evolved skills. These functions are basically a set of processes that have to do with managing oneself and one’s resources in order to achieve a specific goal.


Although executive functions help us overcome challenging tasks, they rely on a combination of basic skills to reach the ultimate goal. If executive functions are impaired, there are many tools clinicians can use in therapy to improve these functions. To carry out this treatment, an increasing number of health professionals are turning to HappyNeuron Pro’s executive function activities.

How can HappyNeuron Pro’s activities help your patients?

HappyNeuron Pro is a digital therapy platform that offers activities and games to help with specific issues, among which executive functions difficulties. With our platform, clinicians are able to assign and track the progress of their patients with ease. You are even able to adjust the difficulty level to ensure more targeted and personal training. HappyNeuron Pro is also offered in 6 different languages and has an extremely user-friendly interface.


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We also provide free worksheets which you can use with our digital tool to supplement the material we provide. Join the many rehabilitation providers and therapists who use HappyNeuron Pro to help their clients today!

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