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Cognitive Remediation and Schizophrenia

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Cognitive remediation is a term for therapeutic processes designed to improve cognitive health and patient independence. There are two major ways to perform cognitive remediation: by directly working on the deficient cognitive function and by creating alternative cognitive strategies. Cognitive remediation therapy is based on a combination of playful activities and therapeutic support to help improve a patient’s daily life.


Learn about how cognitive remediation therapy works and how HappyNeuron Pro can be a part of a cognitive remediation therapy curriculum for your clients with schizophrenia.

How can Cognitive Remediation help those with Schizophrenia?

Today, it is well known that there are clear cognitive deficiencies in patients with schizophrenia. Cognitive functions are deeply linked to daily-life activities affected by schizophrenia (mostly social behavior.) Further, cognitive impairment can result in a variety of symptoms, ranging from hallucinations, inappropriate behavior, disorganized speech, depression and lack of emotion.

Cognitive remediation therapy acts to reduce cognitive impairment,  decrease symptoms and improve a patient’s daily life. Thanks to cognitive remediation, patients can often attain previously unreachable goals like driving a car or going to college.

How does HappyNeuron Pro help with Cognitive Remediation for Schizophrenia?

HappyNeuron Pro includes activities for attention, memory, executive functions, processing speed, language and visuo-spatial perception. With schizophrenia, there is a clear decrease in attention, executive functions, processing speed and visuo-spatial performance. HappyNeuron Pro matches activities with the cognitive function impairment experienced by patients with schizophrenia.


All activities included in HappyNeuron Pro are suitable for schizophrenia-focused cognitive remediation based on a client’s needs. Difficulty level graduation is a strong advantage for the program, as the progressive intensity needed during cognitive remediation therapy.


It is worth noting that cognitive remediation is only efficient if the therapist is highly involved in the care of the patient. An invested therapist is necessary to help the patient work on motivation, insight, meta-cognition, and emotional response.

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Many innovative clinicians have chosen HappyNeuron Pro to help with the cognitive remediation therapy curriculum they are providing. Our program offers medical professionals all kinds of cognitive remediation therapy exercises to help them intervene on a variety of cognitive deficits. You can try it for yourself with a free trial along with our cognitive remediation therapy worksheets.

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