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Home Exercises

Simply choose the exercises your client needs to do, how long you would like their workout to be, and the days that your client to perform exercises.

Why use the home exercise feature?

While your patients see you for therapy x times a week, there is also time outside the clinic to train cognitive function and practice essential life skills, such as listening and following a conversation. Often, patients do not engage in therapeutic activity outside of treatment hours because they do not know how to. This is where assigning home exercises comes in.

Here is how HappyNeuron Pro works to assign home training.

Select Exercises For Patient

Choose Exercises

In the Exercises tab of the patient file, you can choose which exercises this patient should work on. You can assign certain exercises or all of the exercises to your patient here. To make an exercise available or unavailable to a specific patient, click On or Off. Only exercises that are turned on will be available to that patient.

You can also change your client’s accessibility to all of their exercises by using the additional training feature.

Schedule Workouts

The Workouts tab of the patient file is where you can design a training plan and ensure your patients get exactly what you want them to have.

Using the customize workout feature you can then set specific training days by clicking days you would like your patients to complete assignments. You can also select the duration they perform their home therapy sessions, as well as the number of repetitions. These settings will be completely up to your intervention plan and can be modified as your patient progresses in their therapy.

HappyNeuron Pro Workout Email

Setup Email Reminders

→ Reminders help patients stay engaged and complete their assigned workouts.

Your patients will then receive an email each time a new workout is created and they will just have to click in the email to access the workout you’ve prepared, from any device and location.

Key Features

Provide your patient with cognitive training outside of their normally scheduled therapy sessions

Increase the intensity of their digital cognitive exercises

Interested in trying our digital exercises?

Pulling from our decades of experience in Cognitive Therapeutics, we aim to help you enrich your practice through the use of digital and paper tools.