Through our cognitive exercises, therapists can build a strong cognitive remediation treatment strategy for their patients. Cognitive remediation focuses on reducing deficits in a process that is frequently called “Cognitive Remediation Therapy”. For clinicians, this process is broken down into the following five steps.

Five steps of Cognitive Remediation Therapy:

1. Clinician conducts assessment of patient

2. Clinician assigns tasks

3. Clinician explains the tasks

4 Patient does the task

5. Patient uses developed skills in real life

The entire goal of this process is to build and improve on cognitive skills so that they can transfer into real life. To help your patients do so, you need to make sure that the tasks assigned to your patients target the right cognitive abilities, have an adapted challenge level, and are done with the right frequency and intensity. HappyNeuron Pro’s exercises have proven to allow the right targeting, intensity, and difficulty.

So what is HappyNeuron Pro?

HappyNeuron Pro is a digital activity platform offering cognitive training exercises that clinicians can use with their patients. Not only can you use our platform in a clinical setting, but you can also assign “homework” or exercises for your patients to do on their own at home. This is a great way to start conditioning your patients to be more independent and carry out certain tasks on their own.

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Many innovative clinicians have chosen HappyNeuron Pro to help with cognitive remediation therapy. Our program offers medical professionals all kinds of cognitive remediation therapy exercises to help them treat a variety of deficits. You can try it for yourself with a free trial as well!