How to Setup Home Exercises

1. Open your Patient File

  1. In the Users Tab, click on the patient you want to assign homework. 
  2. From the Dashboard, click the Users Tab, then click on a patient.
  3. Make sure the patient’s email address is correct. If no email address is available, your patient will not receive reminders. However, they will still be able to access the workouts if you provide them with their login information
  4. This is where you can choose their username and develop a password for them. which is also in this screen and that you have chosen for them when you created the account.

2. Choose Exercises

  1. In the “Exercises” tab, you can choose which exercises are available to this patient, and which ones will be included in their homework.
  2. Just turn ON any exercise that you want your patient to work on.

3. Activate and Configure Workouts

  1. To activate and configure homework navigate to In the “Workouts” tab. Make sure to turn on “Generate Workouts”.
  2. Choose the days you want your patient to have new workouts available.
  3. Then choose the duration of the session  The sessions will automatically stop when this duration is reached. Regardless of how many exercises they may or may not have completed.
  4. You can also optionally change the number of times each exercise is repeated.
  5.  Click “Save”