Monitoring Patient Accounts

HappyNeuron Pro tracks each exercise completed by a patient and provides visualization tools to help you follow-up.

Benefits of Tracking

The HappyNeuron Pro program automatically tracks all the results of your patients, whether they are with you or completing workouts at home.

So this is really useful to see how they are engaging in the program.

You can also use this information to show your patients and their caregivers how they are progressing.

It can also help you to see where they are struggling and adapt your therapy accordingly.

Visualize the Patient Results

To visualize a patient’s results, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Navigate to the “Users” section at the top of the screen
  3. Under the user list, click on the patient whose results you would like to visualize.
  4. Click on the “Results” tab


This screen gives you an overview of what was completed by your patient during the month. Change the month to visualize with the “Previous” and “Next” buttons.

Click on any day in the calendar to view the details for this day:

  • Overall time spent in the exercises (does not include time doing the examples or on the results screen, only the time spent on the task)
  • The full list of exercises completed with:
    • Level played (if using the levels)
    • Accuracy and Time
    • Click any exercise to get more information such as the detailed settings used, or additional results details

If you scroll down a bit, you’ll have an overview of your patient’s current level for each exercise. In other words what level they have reached using the level progression system.

Click on any exercise to get progression details

Exercise View

If you click on an exercise in the second graph of the overview, you’ll get more details on one particular exercise.

You can also click on “Overview” on the top right of the overview screen to open a drop down menu and choose an exercise.

In this Exercise View, choose a date range on the top and you will be able to visualize all the results on this exercise.

The first graph shows the level evolution of the patient in this exercise. Roll over or click any item to get details.

The second graph shows the progression of accuracy and time for this exercise.  Roll over or click any item to get details. You can also use the filters button on the top right to show only the results that matches your settings filter.

The last table shows a list of the results for this exercise, ordered by date.

To go back to the overview, click on the button with the exercise name on top of the page to open the drop down menu and select “Overview”.

Patient Access

By default, patients who log in to their account have access to the same results visualization module, so they can also see their progression and engagement.

You can decide not to show this module to certain patients if you think it can be counter-productive. Just uncheck the option “View Performance Profile” in the patient file.

Page last updated on Aug 23,2019