HappyNeuron Pro is a tool for Health Care Professionals

Why ?

Our program is designed to be used by trained clinicians with their patients.

The key in making a cognitive therapy effective is working at the right pace, on the right cognitive abilities and understanding how to transfer skills to daily life activities. Only trained clinicians can setup an effective training based on their patients needs, medical condition, goals and abilities.

The exercises and modules offered by HappyNeuron Pro are tools at the service of a therapy. They offer great flexibility to adapt to the therapy and help engage the patients in the therapy.

Although our programs can be used by individuals on their own if their therapist considers it useful, they cannot be purchased and used individually without the guidance of a therapist.

What if I do not have a Health Care Professional to help me?

We strongly recommend to either:

1. refer your current therapist to our program. They can get a free trial easily to understand our approach and then eventually use it with their patients

2. identify therapists or services in your area who provide cognitive remediation, rehabilitation or stimulation

You can also check out our service for individuals My HappyNeuron, and get an immediate and free 7 day trial. Please be aware that this program is designed for individuals with no specific cognitive impairments and is setup to be very challenging.

Anything else?

Send us your question

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