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Cognitive Skill-Building Tools for Psychosis

Happy Neuron Pro's cognitive remediation activities and tracking tools are ideal for clinicians working to help clients with psychosis improve cognitive skills.


HappyNeuron Pro provides mental health professionals with an organized, efficient, and effective platform. Our digital tool provides cognitive training exercises for psychosis patients, and is designed to make sessions more streamlined and aid the clinician in transforming lives.


The program includes assessment tools, client tracking, and activities to improve a wide variety of areas of cognitive function. Most importantly, the activities and tools have been developed to translate to real life skills. Clinicians can work with patients to bridge the skills learned in HappyNeuron Pro exercises to daily tasks and occupations.

If you’re interested in trying HappyNeuron Pro and seeing if these activities could be useful in your practice, click here to get started on a free trial.


There is no obligation to purchase and a HappyNeuron Pro product specialist can walk you through the program to make sure you get as much as possible out of the trial period.


Case Studies

See how other mental health professionals are using HappyNeuron Pro:

Debra Bushong

Psychiatrist MS, LPC-S


Department of Psychiatry at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Texas, United States

“[Clients] never get to a point where they are bored, because I have a lot of flexibility that way to keep them challenged and keep them moving. The cognitive remediation programs we are using have [those features] built in anyway.”

Jacob Hillestrøm

Cognitive Trainer



Nykøbing Sjælland, Denmark

“Many patients have described to Jacob Hillestrøm that the main payoff from the cognitive training has been an increase in self-confidence and self-efficacy.”

Dyana Hagen

Dyana Hagen



InterCommunity Inc.’s Common Ground Learning Center

East Hartford, CT, USA

“I have seen positive behavioral changes in the people that I work with. The staff and clients love HappyNeuron Pro.”

Ruth Mwaura

Ruth Mwaura

Clinical Psychologist


Thalia Psychotherapy

Nairobi, Kenya

“[People considering using HappyNeuron Pro] should go for it. It’s worth the investment.”

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