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The Growing Role of Cognitive Remediation Therapy Software

Nowadays more and more clinicians are choosing to use cognitive rehabilitation software to help their patients. See how HappyNeuron Pro can help yours!

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Regarding training and rehabilitation, cognitive remediation therapy software technology has moved quickly. As a result, there are various software tools to choose from. Nowadays, more and more healthcare professionals are choosing to use computer-based cognitive remediation software with their patients suffering from psychosis and other mental health conditions. Since 2000, HappyNeuron Pro has proven to be beneficial to many clinicians working within this industry. 

What are the advantages of using computer-based cognitive remediation software?

1. Results are tracked and reported automatically. This saves time and lets you focus more on the treatment itself.

2. No more digging or looking for information. All the activities and information you need are right there in front of you.

3. Exercises can be repeated with different data sets multiple times.

4. Cognitive training software is unbiased, so there is no judgment. Rather than feeling pressured or judged by a human being, patients won’t feel like they have to impress a certain person.

5. Patients are motivated to complete these tasks because of a rapidly growing curiosity towards computer-based tasks and games.

Why HappyNeuron Pro?

With HappyNeuron Pro, we make it easy for you to spend more time with your patient and less time recording results and planning out which cognitive remediation exercises you will be using. Our user-friendly interface enables you to work with your patients efficiently. We provide different cognitive tools, activities, and exercises that target a range of abilities, which makes it easier to pinpoint problem areas and target training for each individual.

Enjoy The Benefits of HappyNeuron Pro

HappyNeuron Pro offers various tasks and exercises designed to help therapists and healthcare professionals pinpoint areas of cognitive failure in their patients. Our programs offer medical officials cognitive stimulation therapy tools, attention training activities, and exercises for cognitive rehabilitation. 


Want to try our cognitive remediation therapy tool with your clients? Click here to get a free trial. We also provide free worksheets, which you can use with our digital tool to make cognitive therapy accessible. Join the many mental health providers and therapists who use HappyNeuron Pro to help their clients today!

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