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Executive Function > Reasoning


In this exercise, the user must decipher the famous quotation. Each letter is replaced by the same letter or symbol throughout the phrase.

Brain Areas Engaged 
how decipher engages the brain.

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The primary brain area exercised is the pre-frontal and frontal cortex. The executive system involves planning, abstract thinking, cognitive flexibility, rule acquisition, initiating appropriate actions, inhibiting inappropriate ones, and selecting relevant sensory information. This exercise requires the collaboration of various cognitive skills: concentration, language (spelling, grammar rules, letter frequency), logic, and the capacity to make deductions from hypotheses. The frontal lobe is at the front of the head and is responsible for planning, organization, logical thinking, reasoning, and managing emotions.

Decipher requires the user to use language-based inductive reasoning. Individuals use inductive reasoning when they are trying to understand another individual who is having difficulties expressing words in a conversation. Language-based inductive reasoning is also used when understanding a shorthand text message. For example, individuals inductively reason a text that says, “ofc, ily! ttyl!” as “Of course, I love you! Talk to you later!” 

You can modify:

  • The length of the quotation (long, average, or small)
  • The type of hint (all consonants, 10 most common letters, all vowels, probable word, 4, 3, or 2 letters from the quotation, or no help)
  • The coloration of vowels/consonants
  • The type of encryption (letters or symbols)
  • The recall time (unlimited, 5, or 2 minutes).

Over 280 unique exercise configurations and significant data set depth.

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