Managing Users

Extra Settings

Manager Status:

For clients, “Manager Status” should never be checked. Checking this option will make this user a therapist.

View Performance Profile:

→ This allows patients to view their performance profile. If you have a client who is particularly sensitive to their performance, you may want to uncheck this box. You will still be able to view your client’s results and results will appear after exercises are completed.

Extra Settings

Allow Users to Choose Variants :

→ This allows patients to choose the difficulty of the exercises that they are performing. If unchecked, patients will only play at their assigned level.

Access to Exercises outside of workouts :

→ For your client to access exercises outside of workouts freely, regardless of if they have a scheduled workout or not you can click “Yes”.

→ For your client to be able to explore after they complete a workout, click “Only after workouts”

→ If you worry your client may play too much and not do other things that they need to do, you can limit their time on the platform to only completing scheduled workouts by selecting “No”. 

Creating Folders


→ Some people like to create folders to organize their accounts. You can create a folder by clicking on “Create a Folder” in the creation box.

→ To move a patient or clinician into a folder, you can click on a user profile and click on the folder bar to select the folder you wish to move your user into.

→ When you do this for a clinician, they will only see the clients within this folder. This will have no effect on the clients that you work with.