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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
With what type of patients/conditions can HappyNeuron Pro be used?
Is HappyNeuron Pro clinically validated?
Can HappyNeuron Pro be used in group sessions?
Can I use HappyNeuron Pro with my iPad/Android tablet?
Is HappyNeuron Pro available in other languages?
Do you offer assistance to researchers?
Is HappyNeuron Pro HIPAA Compliant?
Can happyNeuron Pro be used with children?
What’s the difference between HappyNeuron Pro and MyHappyNeuron?
Free Trial Questions
Can I try HappyNeuron Pro before I purchase a subscription?
Do you provide training?
What happens during the training?
How much does a HappyNeuron Pro subscription cost?
What are the different payment methods?
You didn’t have to time to try it out or need more time to get the approval.
Do you have special offers for post-graduates?
Do you have a special offer for teachers?
Any questions related to the product, usage or users?
For any questions related to the product, usage or users – you should find the information in the “General Questions” section.
If not, or for any other requests/concerns – feel free to reach your product specialist by email, or directly by phone, we’ll be happy to help.

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Member Questions
How do I renew/reactivate my subscription?
What do I do if I forgot to my login information (username and/or password)?
I need to update my credit card information.
How do I upgrade my subscription?
I need help using the platform (create a new therapist account, schedule a workout, get detailed patient’s results etc.)
I have a bug or problem to report
Patient Questions
I forgot my username and/or password. How do I reset it?
I want to use HappyNeuron Pro without a clinician. Can I set up an account with you?
How do I find a clinician that uses HappyNeuron Pro?

Anything else?

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