Mind Stimulation Therapy Benefits



HAPPYneuron Pro programs offer multiple benefits to patients:

  • Engaging: The games are based on successful designs validated by millions of HAPPYneuron users worldwide, providing proven engagement
  • Participation from home: Reduces travel time for patients and increases program compliance
  • Satisfaction: The comfort of knowing a clinician is overseeing activity and progress, regardless of where the rehabilitation takes place
  • Easy to use: No software to install, no headsets to configure, no complex charts to interpret, no training sessions to attend




HAPPYneuron Pro offers clinicians a new way to benefit through the delivery of supervised cognitive stimulation programs:


  • Patient Centric: Easily customize, prescribe, monitor, guide and communicate to ensure patient engagement and positive outcome
  • Measurable Clinical Outcomes: Establish recognizable standards and patterns
  • More Reimbursable Therapy Sessions: Objective measures of patient performance make the case for continued care
  • Reduced Appointment Cancellations: Cancellation rates go down when using computer-based cognitive rehab tools
  • Improved Patient Engagement: Keep your patients engaged with novel and innovative training material
  • Distance Therapy: Enable your patients to train at the office or at home while continuing to monitor their activity
  • Improved Patient Relationship: Shared visibility of patient compliance, effort and results. Ensure your patients gain the benefit of your personal comments, feedback, encouragement and guidance each time they begin their session, whether they are at your office or at home.
  • Continuity of Care: Dormant patient accounts are continually maintained and can be reactivated without the loss of historical records


HAPPYneuron Pro offers a complete platform that is perfectly suited for conducting research on the effects of cognitive stimulation on a range of neurocognitive problems. Our tools provide many advantages and features that guarantee the flexibility and reliability of your study:

  • Personalization and control of important parameters
  • Precise measurement of each action and click
  • Mass data export for detailed offline analysis




Whether you work in a hospital, for a local authority, or in an age care facility, HAPPYneuron Pro provides solutions that match your needs.


Cost Effectiveness


  • Objective Performance Measurements: Precisely and consistently measure the abilities and progress of your patients over time.
  • Standards of Patient Care – Ease professional training and facilitate the identification of anomalies in patient performance patterns.
  • Consistent Patient Records – Dashboard management can flag red zone areas to help catch and attend to issues early.
  • Distance Therapy – Reduce the number of office visits while maintaining program supervision and communication.
  • Lower IT costs – Online deployment removes the need for software installation, platform compatibility compliance, and system maintenance, and enables continual automatic upgrades at no additional cost.


A complete offer

  • Online solutions on computers and tablets to facilitate access to the service from any location
  • Adapted programs that provide treatment for different patient populations: seniors, adults looking for work, children with learning difficulties, people suffering from psychiatric disorders (schizophrenia, depression, etc.), people suffering from medical conditions linked with a trauma (stroke, chemotherapy, etc.)
  • Monitoring tools to track performance and training compliance.


An effective tool for different uses

  • In a group: the therapists run a cognitive training session on a large screen or with a projector where all patients can participate at the same time. This allows users to become more familiar with SBTpro solutions and can help them use it in one-on-one therapy or by themselves
  • In one-on-one sessions: a single patient is guided through the program by a therapist, facilitator, or helper. The therapist provides support and advice, as well as motivation to the patient
  • At home: the patients can access the exercises by themselves from anywhere: at home or in any other appropriate environment.


The combination of these three different scenarios is important for customizing the training program, improving cognitive stabilization, maximizing the transfer of exercise benefits to everyday tasks, enhancing social interactions, providing better care, and reducing healthcare costs.

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