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What is the difference between HappyNeuron Pro and myHappyNeuron?

Our HappyNeuron Pro program is designed to be used by trained clinicians with their patients. It is important for therapy to be conducted by trained individuals. We also understand the desire for healthy adults with no cognitive impairments to exercise their brains. That is why we developed MyHappyNeuron. This program is not designed for therapy.

La solution de référence pour l'évaluation et la rééducation en orthophonie

What are the differences between HappyNeuron Pro and MyHappyNeuron?

MyHappyNeuron HappyNeuron Pro
Goal Entertainment
(Private use)
(Use with a clinician)
Target Population Adults with no cognitive impairment Anyone with cognitive impairment
Difficulty Range Challenging,
even at the lowest levels
From very easy to very hard
Detailed Settings Limited Full settings
Coach Virtual Coach (algorithm) that selects exercises and levels based on previous scores Completely customizable by the clinician + automatic level progression system
Results Compared to other MyHappyNeuron players of the same age group, gender and education level Accuracy, time and level evolution. Score appreciation managed by the clinician
Email Workouts Email workouts with the virtual coach Workouts completely customized by the clinician
User Management Individual accounts for each user Complete user management system (create, update, follow up and customize training)
Payor Individuals Clinicians
Price From $5 to $15 per user per month
More details
Starting at $99 per month for unlimited users
More details

myHappyNeuron is designed for healthy adults who wish to maintain mental sharpness by digitally exercising their brains. If you are struggling with cognitive impairment, we recommend consulting with an expert. Get connected with one today.

Page last updated on Mar 30,2021