Frequently Asked Questions

Is HappyNeuron Pro clinically validated?

HappyNeuron Pro is a tool designed to be used by trained clinicians with their patients. It is first and foremost a tool at the service of the clinician: a library of materials, tasks and ideas that clinicians can choose from for use with their patients.

Because its use is tailored to the needs of each patient, there is no static framework for using our program. The program does not impose a particular duration, intensity or method. We have thus not sought to define a strict protocol for clinical validation.

However, many research teams and practitioners around the world have worked on global therapy approaches that include our programs with very positive results. Check out a list of the major studies and publications.

Do you provide training?

We are happy to provide free online training sessions to all clinicians. This training mainly covers the use of the platform: creating and managing users, customizing user training, following-up on user performance, configuring home access and workouts, etc.

You can book a training session at your earliest convenience online.


However, we do not provide training on the fundamentals of cognitive rehabilitation and how to set up a cognitive training program in a medical setting. For those seeking information or training on these topics, we do recommend the NEAR (Neuropsychological and Educational Approach to Remediation) approach, which is a holistic recovery-oriented cognitive remediation program that has been widely disseminated worldwide.

Please consult the research behind NEAR and the therapist guide for more information.

Do you offer assistance to researchers?

HappyNeuron is very happy to support research projects in the field of cognitive stimulation. Special pricing plans are available to research teams who wish to use HappyNeuron Pro in their studies.

Contact us and send us the details of your research projects to see how we can help support your study.

What’s the difference between HappyNeuron Pro and MyHappyNeuron

MyHappyNeuron is a program available to the general public and designed for people with no cognitive impairment.

HappyNeuron Pro offers similar types of tasks but is adapted for use by a clinician in a therapeutic setting for the treatment of various medical conditions affecting cognition.

Here is a list of the main differences:

MyHappyNeuron HappyNeuron Pro
Goal Entertainment
(Private use)
(Use with a clinician)
Target Population Adults with no cognitive impairment Anyone with cognitive impairment
Difficulty Range Challenging,
even at the lowest levels
From very easy to very hard
Detailed Settings Limited Full settings
Coach Virtual Coach (algorithm) that selects exercises and levels based on previous scores Completely customizable by the clinician + automatic level progression system
Results Compared to other MyHappyNeuron players of the same age group, gender and education level Accuracy, time and level evolution. Score appreciation managed by the clinician
Email Workouts Email workouts with the virtual coach Workouts completely customized by the clinician
User Management Individual accounts for each user Complete user management system (create, update, follow up and customize training)
Payor Individuals Clinicians
Price From $5 to $15 per user per month
More details
Starting at $99 per month for unlimited users
More details

Technical Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

HappyNeuron Pro has the following minimum system requirements

  • Laptop/desktop
    • OS: Windows XP and above / MacOS 10.6 and above
    • Processor: Dual Core, 1 Ghz
    • RAM: 512 MB
    • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 – 32 bits
    • Internet Connection: 128kpbs
    • Browser:
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or above (Will require Flash Player)
      • Microsoft Edge (Will require Flash Player)
      • Chrome 32.0 or above
      • Firefox 28 or above
      • Safari 5.1 or above
  • Tablet/Smartphone
    • OS: Android 4 and above / iOS 6 and Above / Windows 8 and above
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • RAM: 1Go minimum
    • Internet Connection: 128kpbs
    • Screen Size: 8″
    • Browser:
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or above (Will require Flash Player)
      • Microsoft Edge (Will require Flash Player)
      • Chrome 32.0 or above
      • Firefox 28 or above
      • Safari 5.1 or above

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