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HappyNeuron Pro is the leading digital cognitive tool for therapists. By introducing your students to it, you’re setting them up for success in their fields.

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Set up your students as both a therapist and a patient and allow them to get the full experience. We hold nothing back for the future of therapy!

Telehealth is the Future!

We’ve been digital since the beginning. Our homework feature and full digital tool allow for telehealth to easily occur. Train your students on the 100% designed for therapist tool!

You’re the expert – We’re the Tool

Educating the future is your expertise. We are the best digital tool for therapists. Allow us to help you enhance your teaching experience with a 100% digital online tool for your students to try out on their own.

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There is no limit to how successful your students can be! Introduce them to our therapist-focused digital cognitive therapy tool and gift them with the ability to get 6 months free with a new grad membership!

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Terms :
Valid only for educators that are actively teaching a course related to Cognitive Rehabilitation.
Account may be used only for educational purposes.
Applicable on an Unlimited Plan for 1 therapist for 1 month (Value of $149).
Must renew for continued free access.
Subject to approval from the HappyNeuron Team.

Contact us for any more information on this offer.

Page last updated on Mar 30,2021