How to Conduct a Telehealth Session

1. Preparing a Session

  1. In a new window open HappyNeuron Pro and log into your account.
  2. Open the file of the patient you are about to see, and make sure your patient is setup correctly for the session.
  3. In the “Exercises” tab, make sure they can access the right exercises.
  4. Return to the “User Information” tab, and click “Log Into”.
  5. This will log you into this patient’s account so you can then play with them.
  6. Resize your HappyNeuron Pro browser window in your screen so as to see both the HappyNeuron Pro Window and your telehealth video-software provider window.

2. Starting the Session

  1. When you are ready to start the exercise, click the Share Screen button.
  2. Click the “Application Window” tab, and choose the HappyNeuron Pro window.
  3. Your patient will now see this window.
  4. Bring the HappyNeuron Pro window on top, and you can now see both the Patient and the HappyNeuron Pro window.
  5. Open an exercise, and you will then be completing this exercise with the patient.
  6. The patient will not be able to interact with the game but see it only. You can then ask for their answers and help with the strategies.
  7. You can then repeat the exercise, or close it and open a new one, walking through your user through each of them.

3. Ending the Session

  1. When you are ready to stop the exercises, just click on the “Share Screen” button this will then stop seeing the HappyNeuron Pro window.
  2. You can then continue with the regular Video call and debrief the session.

Page last updated on Jul 23,2020