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Why HappyNeuron Pro?


patients with fun and challenging cognitive exercises.


patient progress automatically, with printable reports whenever you need them.


patients at the appropriate difficulty level.


with your patients in whatever setting works best. We’re telehealth-compatible.

Don’t get us wrong – paper exercises can be great!
(We make worksheets too if that’s more your thing.)


But our digital program makes therapy more engaging, customizable, and trackable.
Plus, it saves clinicians a lot of time.

A free trial is a few clicks away. No credit card required.

Features to help your clinic grow.


Adaptable + customizable exercises

All of our exercises can be adapted to your patient’s needs and difficulty level.


Automatic printable reports

Download and print patient progress reports whenever you need them.


Ability to schedule
home workouts

Assign your patient homework so they get consistent cognitive exercise.


In-platform messaging

Let your patient know how they’re doing or send reminders with easy messaging.



Work with your patients in-person or remotely with ease! We’re telehealth-compatible.


Accessible on any device

You and your patient
can access the platform wherever you need to.


Easy patient access

Our platform will remember your patient’s device for easy login access. No app required.


Worksheets included

Most of our plans include free worksheets! For patients who prefer paper, or in case you’re having a slow Wi-Fi day.


Numerous conditions addressed

We offer exercises for many cognitive domains so all of your patients’ cognitive therapy needs are covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are digital cognitive rehabilitation software. Clinicians in mental, neurology, and aging use us  for cognitive stimulation, cognitive remediation and cognitive rehabilitation. 

HappyNeuron Pro is a web-based digital cognitive therapy software. Our goal is to improve cognitive functions. With our library of unique exercises, you can assign your patient exercises to help with their cognitive deficits. It is accessible anywhere you have internet connection. 

We were founded in research and we are always continuing to do research. Check out our current and past research projects on our clinical studies page. 

We are a subscription based company. HappyNeuron Pro’s prices depend on the number of clinicians using the software not the number of patients. You can found our current pricing structure on our pricing page

HappyNeuron Pro can be used in numerous different ways. Clinicians use it directly with patients in one-on-one session, in group settings, or in remote therapy sessions. The options are limitless, internet access is the only thing that is required.