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Here is our 45th printable packet designed for visual-spatial stimulation. This packet has one activity based upon our digital exercise, Sleight of Hands. This exercise challenge’s your client’s visual-spatial skills by challenging them to mentally rotate the hands that are presented to them in this packet.

Targeted Skills


✔ Visual-Spatial Reasoning
✔ Executive Function

✔ Attention

Designed for healthcare professionals, these worksheets can be used with patients to practice and work on cognitive skills, both in-person and remotely. 

Our goal is to support the community of healthcare professionals providing cognitive rehabilitation therapy by regularly adding new resources to use with their clients. Please explore our site to learn more about how you can use both digital exercise and printed exercises to enhance your cognitive program.  Download, print, and use these worksheets as you wish.


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Packet # 45:

Sleight of Hands

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