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 We’ve been re-imagining cognitive therapy since 2000.

 We’re the #1 Cognitive Therapy company in France, and clinicians worldwide trust our digital tools to help their patients exercise cognitive skills.

Engage your patients with customizable cognitive therapy.

Engage your patients with
customizable cognitive therapy.

Our cognitive exercises library is extensive. With 45 unique exercises, we can be adapted to your unique caseload.

Each exercise is customizable, which allows for numerous combinations and the ability to find the appropriate difficulty level.

With our web-based software and printable worksheets, your client will feel comfortable working on their cognitive skills.


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Spend less time reporting,
and more time with your patients.

Our results tab is interactive and will allow you to quickly see your patient’s progress and print reports for their file.

Spend less time grading worksheets and more time helping your client improve!


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✓ Quarterly Strategy Meetings

*for individuals with less than 5 patients, we offer a unique package.
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