Scheduling Workouts

HappyNeuron Pro allows clinicians to have patients continue the training from home, reinforcing the skills practiced during sessions for better outcomes.

Benefits of Workouts

Setting up workouts for a patient will allow you to create an engaging experience for your patients and maximize the outcomes of their therapy.

HappyNeuron Pro Workouts are a series of exercises you can configure for your patients to get the right amount of stimulation on the right abilities, to support your practice during sessions: Having patients practice more frequently and apply strategies that you’ve discussed together will help you focus on helping them get better.

Workouts can also be used to guide the training during group sessions and ensure everyone is doing the right thing.

Workouts are included in any of our subscriptions and are free for patients.

Activating the Patient Workout

To set up a workout, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Navigate to the “Users” section at the top of the screen.
  3. Under the user list, click on the patient whose interface you would like to modify.
  4. Click on the “Exercises” tab and make sure you have activated the exercises you want your patient to do during the workouts.
  5. Click the “Workouts” to configure the workout.
  6. Turn the “Generate Workouts” option to “On”.

Configuring the Workout

You can then set up how you want the workout to operate:

  1. Training Days – Choose which days of the week will workouts be generated.
  2. Workout duration – Choose how long should each workout last.
  3. Number of repetitions for each exercise – Choose how many of each exercise should be completed before passing to the next exercise.
  4. Save – Save any changes to apply them to the workout.


On the days you have selected, your patient will cycle through the active exercises until the target training time is reached.

They will play with the automatic level progression system that starts at easy and then adapts automatically to their progress to find that “sweet” spot where the training is most effective.

That’s it! Your patient is set up to receive workouts.

Accessing the Workout

If you have entered a valid email in the account information for your patient, they will receive an email on the day of the workout with a description of the workout and a link to access it. Using the link, the patient will access their account directly, without the need to log in and will access the Workout easily. This email serves both as a reminder and a facilitator to avoid login problems.

You can also share the login and password of the patient account with the patient, so they can log in and access their workout.

By default, once your patient finishes a workout, they will be able to keep playing the available exercises as much as they want, unless you change this setting in the patient file. Check out the Patient Account Creation Tutorial for more details.

Advanced Options

The panel on the right of the workout section allows you to customize the workouts much more precisely: You can choose which exercises are in the workout along with their order and difficulty settings. This option also allows you to create workout templates.

If you are interested in more information on that topic, take a look at our Advanced Workouts Tutorial (Coming Soon)

Next Steps

Now that you have set up a Workout, make sure to follow up on the results to adapt the settings and the exercises:

Monitoring Patient Accounts Tutorial

Page last updated on Aug 23,2019