Dementia Treatment Guidelines

Read up on our dementia treatment guidelines and see how HappyNeuron Pro’s dementia therapy can help your patients.

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Dementia Treatment Guidelines

A common misconception is that dementia is a disease. Dementia actually describes a range of cognitive symptoms that affect daily living. Dementia is most commonly associated with the elderly, as memory and other thinking skills start to decline in old age or after a brain injury. Depending on the severity of dementia, some symptoms may be reversible. With the right non-drug dementia therapy, you can help your patient “re-wire” their brain to help them compensate or slow down the decline.

Studies by the National Institute on Aging at the NIH found that: “When studied by electroencephalography (EEG, which monitors patterns of brain electrical activity), the group of older participants who had trained in multitasking also showed increased levels of brain waves, indicative of improved cognition, compared with their peers, and performed better on tests of attention and memory. The results suggest that, in the laboratory, specialized brain training can improve certain cognitive abilities known to decline with age.”

Potentially reversible symptoms include:

  • Depression
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Space-occupying lesions
  • Normal pressure hydrocephalus
  • Metabolic conditions
  • Land Endocrinol conditions
  • Nutritional conditions

To help reverse these symptoms, many therapists use HappyNeuron Pro’s dementia treatment options. Our treatment method consists of brain stimulating activities that are completed online. While no two people are alike, HappyNeuron Pro can be an effective part of non-drug dementia therapy for any patient.

We believe that a therapist should have complete control over their patients’ treatment, so we made our interface extremely customizable. For example, when using HappyNeuron Pro, you can work with your patients at their own speeds through a wide range of difficulty settings. This allows for accompanying our dementia treatment activities with blended therapy, fostering a non-stressful environment for your patients.

Try HappyNeuron Pro and decide for yourself if it’s right for you and your patients. Get started with a free trial!

Happy Neuron Pro Cognitive Rehab Therapy

HappyNeuron Pro programs provide healthcare professionals with specifically adapted cognitive stimulation tools for use with their clients.

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Page last updated on Jun 1,2018

Happy Neuron Pro Cognitive Rehab Therapy

Cognitive Rehab Software for Healthcare Professionals

HappyNeuron Pro programs provide healthcare professionals with specifically adapted cognitive stimulation tools for use with their clients.

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