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Cognitive Therapy Tools for Clinicians

HappyNeuron Pro offers the best cognitive therapy tools for clinicians. Read up on how our computer-based software can help your patients.

Cognitive Therapy Tools for Clinicians

There are many types of cognitive remediation therapy tools for clinicians out there, but how do you know which ones are most effective?


Traditionally, healthcare professionals tend to use more print activities which include workbooks and worksheets. While these tools can help, there are new digital alternatives that have proven to be a great addition to a therapeutic toolkit. HappyNeuron Pro is one of these tools, offering clinician monitored computer-based exercises.


When clinicians use the same methods, they can be boring for patients. If your patients are not engaged with their therapy, they will ultimately struggle to progress. HappyNeuron Pro’s digital activities have proven to keep patients intrigued, helping to ensure a more effective treatment process. Our activities are in the form of games, rather than the worksheets that can very quickly become tedious and repetitive.

Nowadays, more clinicians are starting to use computer-based exercises for their patients. Try it for yourself with a free trial!

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