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We’re sorry to inform you that you don’t qualify for our clincian free trial.

HappyNeuron Pro’s digital program is designed for clinicians to use with patients.
Unfortunately, it isn’t designed for individuals to use on their own.

But don’t worry!  We have other options: 

Try our Worksheets


Our worksheets are based on our digital tool. If you enjoyed the digital exercises, you’d enjoy these worksheet packets.

We have several different types of worksheets. Our Minis are based on one of our digital cognitive exercises. Within each packet, you will have several different difficulty levels. Our Packets are printable versions of a workout. Each Packet has 4 exercises, with different level variations, that are aligned to help one cognitive task or area of cognition. 

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MYHappyNeuron is a personal brain training program based on the latest in cognitive science.

Please note that For users with cognitive impairment, these games may be too difficult to be helpful.

We are working on creating new versions of this program for impaired individuals. Please stay tuned!

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